If you take a look at history of tattooing you will get to know that people are getting tattoos since 3100 BC. Now you can understand that it is lot of time for an art to stay popular among the masses and still be one of the favourite body art forms. Tattooing is such an old art form yet not many people are aware about the tattoo culture. This is because of the weird stigma attached to the social status of a tattooed person.

However, we are evolving in this matter and now tattooing is being taken as a serious art form. In fact, according to a survey by Kaitlyn Mcgrath more than 3 million people got a new tattoo in United States alone. This can give you an idea that how rapidly the tattoo industry is expanding.

Thanks to advancement in modern technology that people are getting inked with more beautiful tattoos and that too with little to no pain.

If you are thinking of getting your first tattoo design then I would suggest you to first take advice from an experienced tattooed person. They can surely tell you about all the ins and outs that you will face while getting a tattoo.

But few things you have to decide by yourself like how much is your budget? On which body part you are going to get tattooed? How much do you know about tattoo aftercare? Which tattoo studio or tattoo artist you are going to choose?

You will find a ton of information on tattoos online but still experience is experience. You can know nothing about tattooing until you get one. First of all let me clear you that tattoos hurt and they can hurt pretty bad.

One thing about tattoos is that if you don’t take care of a brand new tattoo then it will make your skin sore and you will be in mild pain for days on the tattooed body part. This is why I would suggest you to buy a good aftercare cream. Yes Vaseline and sunscreen creams work fine but for the longevity of a tattoo you have to buy special tattoo protecting creams.

Tattoos on Some body parts will hurt more on other body parts. Such as tattoo on face or ear will hurt way more than tattoo on thigh. The more meaty your skin is the less It will hurt. Tattoo machine punctures 1000 times a minute in your body. Now you can surely understand how much pain it might give you. However, if you stay calm, stay hydrated and stay focused then surely you can get a beautiful tattoo without much pain.

One more advise I want to give you is that you always have to choose your tattoo design wisely. If it is your first tattoo design then go for a small tattoo. In my opinion wrist is the best body part to get your first tattoo. Not only it will be visible to whole world but you can also admire it all the time. There are hundreds of wrist tattoos designs on this page. You can select your favourite ones and then narrow it down to your best tattoo. But please discuss it with your tattoo artist or your tattooed friend.

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